Turn Key Properties in Milwaukee

Hello –
I purchased several buy and hold rental opportunities in Milwaukee WI for less that $30K each. Some single family, some duplexes. I closed on this one in October of 2014:
Milwaukee Property #3
Single Family
Bed Room            3
Bath                     1
Interest                $0
Price                    $13,650.00
Down payment    $0.00
Loan                    $0.00
Mortgage             $0.00
HOA                    $0.00
Property Tax       $0.00 (waived until January 2016)
Insurance            $55.00
Landscaping       $300.00
Utilities                $70.00 (I pay water)
Property Manager $0.00 (I am the property manager)
Vacancy                $0.00 (the tenant is elderly and has 0 interest in moving)
Maintenance         $100.00
Monthly Payment $0.00
Rent                      $750.00
Monthly Net          $405.00
Yearly Net            $4,860.00
Cash-on-Cash      65.93%


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